The ninth year of school
After 9 years of school, the compulsory education requirement ends

In Austria, nine years of schooling are compulsory. Children who have attended preschool or repeated a year end their mandatory schooling upon completion of the intermediate secondary school or the 4th grade of an AHS.

Otherwise, the 9th year of school can be covered with a polytechnic school or a one-year business school. These schools prepare pupils for practical vocational training.

It is also possible to complete the 9th year of school at an intermediate or higher-level vocational school or at an AHS. A good final report makes searching for an apprenticeship easier afterwards.

A certain level of training is mandatory for young people: the legal guardians must ensure that following the compulsory education, adolescents receive training until they turn 18 years of age. Youth coaching or the AMS (Public Employment Service) help young people to discover their interests and talents and come up with a specific plan for their training.

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