Offers for infants aged 0-3 years
First experiences with children of the same age

Parent-child groups
In parent-child groups, parents and their infants meet regularly, usually on a weekly basis, accompanied by a parent-child group leader. This encounter with others is good for both children and parents. While Mum and Dad have the opportunity to chat about various topics, bit by bit, the children learn how to feel comfortable in a group. In addition, a German-speaking parent-child group provides fantastic language immersion and makes learning German easier.

Toddler group / nursery
In a nursery or toddler group at a kindergarten, the child spends its time alone with monitors and other children. In Vienna, there are state and private toddler groups. Qualified monitors encourage social learning and the sensory and motor development of the children aged zero to three. The groups are smaller than in kindergartens, in order to best meet the needs of babies and toddlers. Toddler groups provided by the City of Vienna are open all day and are free of charge thanks to state funding; the only cost is that of the food. To secure a place, parents must register their child - ideally in November or December. This offer is primarily aimed at working parents.

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