Of compulsory school age, but not yet ready for school

Children who celebrate their 6th birthday before 1 September are considered of compulsory school age from autumn onwards. Readiness for school is reviewed when they enrol. Preschool is designed to make the transition from kindergarten to primary school easier for children who are deemed not ready for school. Some schools have separate preschool classes, while in other schools, the preschool children are taught according to the preschool curriculum within the first grade. In the first year, children can switch in both directions at any time if this supports their development. The preschool period is considered part of their overall education and counts towards the nine years of compulsory school.

Around their 6th birthday, children undergo a major change physically, emotionally and intellectually. Suddenly, they look less childish and their immediate environment starts to expect more of them. This can be challenging. During what is known as the “six-year crisis”, children sometimes seem moody and short-tempered. This is a normal stage of development.

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