Intermediate secondary school (Mittelschule) or lower cycle of academic secondary school (Unterstufe AHS)
Two types of school, one curriculum

For the four years after primary school, there is a choice between intermediate secondary school and the lower cycle of academic secondary school (AHS).

All pupils may attend an intermediate secondary school upon positive completion of primary school. Here, the focus is on an orientation towards the potential and talent of the children. From the 6th school year onwards, there are two performance levels in German, Mathematics and Modern Foreign Language, termed “Standard” and “Standard AHS”. Pupils with different learning speeds support each other and benefit from one another.

To be accepted to an AHS, children require the grade “Very good” or “Good” on their report for the 4th grade of primary school for German, Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Acceptance to the AHS is possible with the grade “Satisfactory” if the school council decides that the child will most likely meet the requirements of the AHS, or alternately with an entrance exam.

No matter whether intermediate secondary school or AHS: with the corresponding effort, every child has the opportunity to access every type of school in the secondary level II (upper cycle).

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