Practical path to a profession (and the Matura)
Apprenticeship after the 9th year of school

Adolescents who have signed an apprenticeship or training contract attend vocational school alongside this. During the apprenticeship, they learn their chosen profession as they carry out the practical work. At the vocational school, general and theoretical knowledge of this profession is imparted. The training is concluded with the final apprenticeship exam (LAP).

Those who wish to study at university afterwards can take the “Berufsreifeprüfung” (vocational matriculation exam), consisting of four partial exams in German, Mathematics, Modern Foreign Language and a specialist subject. The model “Berufsmatura (vocational diploma): apprenticeship with matriculation exam” enables pupils to complete partial exams during the apprenticeship itself.

For young people who still have no idea what profession they want to learn after compulsory schooling, the youth coaching option offers personal support.

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